I just read two articles back-to-back about writer’s block and mental fatigue. The flow with which both articles were written was astounding. The person who wrote about the block had converted her frustration to humour which made it a good read bringing a smile on one’s face. What I really admire here was how the writer was able to use her emotions, extract the best out of it, and put it to use. It is almost just like a ‘half glass-empty or full’ situation.

I had this kitten when I was in the third grade, who was this cute little ball of fur, excitement, and so much more cuteness. We used to play this game whenever I wore skirts; I would run really fast and she would chase my skirt. There was this one time when I stopped between two rooms. You would expect her to have stopped with me. However, she couldn’t control herself and went running into the next room until she encountered the wall at the balcony, beyond that room. That was one hilarious and cute scene.

I am something analogous to my kitten with regards to overthinking and overworking. I could write my PhD thesis for it in a jiffy and get the degree too. :’) My brain gets fried often, letting all the creative juices evaporate, which frustrates me to no end. I always wonder if I should wait for the cloud to pass or force a recovery. I am sure, like many of you know, the best decision is the former. Wait it out. Chill out. Let the brain relax, eat, sleep, and have an exotic vacation of just sitting, staring at nature, reading non-intense genres, etc. Whatever the brain doesn’t consider work. The brain should get to sit dull and dumb for a few hours. Societal pressure makes us do the latter, the forced recovery. That painful process is worse than getting a band-aid ripped off your skin. Since every situation is different, the path to finding a balance in the mission of rescuing our brains is up to us. But remember, we got to do that for the sake of our brains which back us up all our lives. You give it some time, it will come back to you, new and fresh, before you believe it would.

Here’s to a wake up call to rescuing our brains.

Save the brain! 😀

(https://onceuponyourprime.com/2019/06/12/what-not-to-say-to-someone-with-writers-block/ – The article on writer’s block)